You can use the web service to perform physical fitness assessments that include the following calculations:
To understand the API, you can view the web service description language (WSDL) for the service by navigating to Programmatically, you execute an assessment in two steps:
  1. Call the web service to get an "empty" calcuation document via the GetEmptyCalculation method. This method returns an XML document that you need to populate in order to perform an assessment. To view an example of the empty XML calculation document, click here.

  2. Call the web service to perform one or more fitness calculations via the Calculate method. This method takes a single parameter: the XML calculation document that you retrieved in the previous step and subsequently populated. Among the elements to be populated in the document are user name and password; these are required to successfully execute the Calculate method. The return value is again an XML document representing the completed assessment.
The web service itself is available at To obtain a user name and password, or for questions about the service, please contact us.